• A Spectacular Machine is a one-man design and consultancy practice devoted to precision and critical thinking.
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    A Spectacular Machine presents the work of Francesco Vedovato. Francesco is a designer and consultant who works with private companies and public institutions to plan communication strategies and produce the right material to reach the desired positioning.

    — Identity and positioning
    A Spectacular Machine helps clients to understand what are their core values and what should be the focus of their communication, comparing the feeling that the public has about a product or service with the desired perception that a company would like to achieve.

    — Planning
    A Spectacular Machine helps small and medium companies to plan budget and time for their communication efforts and choose the most effective way to reach their desired audience.

    — Design and developing
    A Spectacular Machine works with the right partners to design identities, corporate material, websites, online and offline campaigns, editorial projects, and a generous variety of other supplies.

    Serving both the corporate and the public realm, A Spectacular Machine attempts not to merely enclose each piece of design in an invariable stylistic capsule, but rather to focus on the intrinsic differences in between the projects and develop every commission with its own, autonomous style.

    Conscious of the continuous breakdown of paradigms in our times, A Spectacular Machine aspires to be open-minded, ironic, and to always question its own work.


    — Pespow
    — D’orica
    — Scuadra
    — Winy Maas / The Why Factory
    — Collective City / International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
    — Design Hub Barcelona
    — dpr-barcelona
    — Spanish Biennale Of Architecture And Urbanism
    — The Private Space Barcelona

    He appears in:

    — Winy Maas, The Why Factory: Visionary Cities, NAI Publishers 2009
    — Various Authors: Open City, Designing Coexhistence, SUN Publishers 2009
    Volume magazine, the Archis fundation – issue #21, fall 2009
    The Book Of Envy: Laus awards 2011
    Soiled magazine – issue #3, winter 2011 / spring 2012
    — The Pop-Up City

    And he participated to the following exhibitions:

    — A Time to Bloom, Hot Art Fair 2009. Basel, Switzerland, 2009
    — International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, with Collective City. NAI, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2009
    — Eme3 International Architecture Festival, with dpr-barcelona. CCCB, Barcelona, Spain, 2010
    — Public Design Festival, Milan, Italy, 2011
    — SOILED UN/EARTHED, Living Room Realty, Chicago, IL, 2012

    For commissions or enquiries, or even if you simply like my work, feel free to drop me a line at fvedovato[at]me.com


    Except where otherwise noted, all the content in this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale – Non opere derivate 2.5 Italia License.