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    In an epoch where an increasing large amount of content is constantly made available from diverse provenances, what becomes necessary, rather than adding content or sources, is developing new and effective methods, platforms and strategies for content curation. While most of the times this pressing issue is left to the hands of a community spread through different social networks, we believe that the presence of a curator still guarantees a remarkable level of quality to the selection and pushes further the boundaries of content uncovering.

    Curated Library aims to develop a platform where relevant protagonists of the curatorial scene can build and share a selection of notable books, based on unique and compelling themes. A modern interpretation of the classical bibliography, where the presence of each volume is coherent with a ‘playlist’ of in–depth, possibly uncommon views over a topic. A collection of titles chosen for their remarkable approach with the subject, the quality of content and the design.

    Curated Library was born to overcome an evident weakness that, in the eyes of the founders, is contributing to the stagnation of the editorial market. This issue involves the mechanisms of selection associated with the digital and analogue sellers. While the former work with algorithms that often don’t even consider the quality of the content or choose books basing only on their popularity, the latter is clearly tied to the physical space of the library and the presence of a unique subject taking care of editing and presenting the titles.

    Curated Library aims to unravel these concerns, introducing the figure of the curator in the editorial market.

    Web: www.curatedlibrary.org

    Twitter: @curatedlibrary