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  • Entropica

    Entropica is an interactive multimedia installation, realized together with dpr-barcelona for the eme3 international architecture festival, which took place in october 2010 in barcelona. The installation consists in a platform for augmented reality, a technology which can visualize a 3D model in a real scene thanks to a webcam reading a graphic code.

    The installation warns us about how careful we should be in the moment of starting a building process and makes us consider the irreversibility of our actions. At this purpose, the floor is covered with glasses and a caterpillar is visualized over them using augmented reality. The scene lies beside the spectator, who will find him or herself alone in the middle of the glasses, covering the role of the caterpillar, in the moment of stepping over the code generating the augmented reality.

    Entropica Entropica Entropica