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  • Street Art Techniques

    ‘A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques’ is a prototype of open source platform for sharing knowledge over street art, developed by The G. Canyon in a Crack. The project had its first test during the 3rd edition of Public Design Festival, organized in Milan form the 12th to the 17th… Read more

    The Pop-Up City

    Today’s world cities deal with many problems related to rapidly increasing international societal, cultural, technologic and economic transformation processes. More variableness in economic, political and cultural patterns leads to new expectations and renewals of dynamic capacities of the city. The Pop-Up City is a blog that explores the latest designs, trends… Read more

    The G. Canyon in a Crack

    The G. Canyon in a Crack (www.thegcanyon.com) is a blog which investigates over small pieces of green design for our cities, valuable street art, installations and interventions in urban contexts. The G. Canyon in a Crack uses its instruments to work in the context of the city, performing researches on… Read more